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 FAQ Shadow of Chernobyl - English Version 
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Poslať FAQ Shadow of Chernobyl - English Version
Question: During the installation an error occurs and says, I do not have enough virtual Memory. What am I supposed to do?
Answer: The anwer is simple. Click with the right mouse button on My Computer-> Properties -> System Restore and change the Virtual Memory on at least 2GB.

Question: How to get the best ending in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.?
Answer: You will see the best ending at the moment, when after finishing the lab X-16 in Yantar, you will find Ghost's body and find out where the Guide is hiding. You will have to go all the way back to Cordon (His position is tracked on your map). He is going to tell you, where to find Doctor. This latter will give you info about a secret stash in Pripyat. You will find there a decoder which opens a door to the center of the C-Con in NPP Chernobyl. Right before entering the Sarcophagus with the Monolith, look around and you will certainly find a little corridor with a ladder. Using it, you will climb up to the next floor where, during the decoder works, kill all the Monolith Stalkers and that's it.

Question: During the rain in the game, there are multicolor fragments of whatever blinking through the monitor and destroy the game atmoshere. How can I avoid them?
Answer: Simply restart the game and the problem should be over by then.

Question: During the game, after the loading of a new location is over, new side quests just start, even though I did not want to do any. What am I supposed to do?
Answer: It is but a little error, which has a simple answer. Just save the game and then load it. The quest will be assigned as completed and you will just go and get the reward.

Question:While moving, my crosshair is blinking. Why is it doing that?
Answer: Well, you are problby playing with static lighthing and the antialiasing is turned on. Go to Graphic Options, and turn on "Full dymanic Lighting". Following to that, go to the "Advanced Options" and turn off "Antialiasing". the antialiasing has no effect in the game anyways, so it does not matter. Save the options, turn the game off, and then turn it on again. Leave the antialiasing off.

Question: After I turn the game on, the logos are pretty anoying. how can I avoid them?
Answer: Simply right-click on the icon of the game and go to "Properties" and there is a line called "Target". Type in, after what is alredy written there parameter "-nointro -noprefetch" (without the qutation marks and with a space before -nointro). Parameter "-noprefetch" loads the locations of the game way faster.

Question: I got to the Yantar Underground Lab, but after I wrote the code for the doors, nothing had happened. What is wrong?
Answer: Lots of players usually type in the wrong code - the right combination code is 1243 (however, most of you tried 1234).

Question: Is there any possibility to get back to Pripyat from Chernobyl NPP?
Answer: There is no way back from the Power Plant. But if you want to play the game for longer, come back from Pripyat.

Question: I am not able to open the door at first in Sidorovich's bunker. Why?
Answer: Don't be too hasty and let him finish his monologue. The door is going to open afterwards.

Question: Even if I set my graphic options up to the maximum, I still am not happy with the result. Isn't there somewhere anymore graphic setting?
Answer: You will not find anything in the main menu, but try you should be able to edit it right in the game. Open the "game console" with the button ";" (the button below escape). Then type in one of the numerous commands found on http://games.tiscali.cz/navody/stalkerhw/index.asp . However, for this period of time, it is not translated in english yet, but hopefully I will do it as soon as I will have enough time.

Question: I came back from a really difficult mission, but the Bartender just stares at me, as if I was invisible..
Answer: This problem has more than one solution. The first one is, in case you are using any modification, to simply open a file called "pickup_info_radius" and to change the value "5" to e.g. "10". The other solution is, in case you are not using any mod at all, to download this file: http://www.edisk.cz/stahnout-soubor/374 ... 1.2KB.html . After you have it saved, put into the folder "gamedata/config/creatures", since you are not using any modification, you will have to create all those folders by yourself.

Question: After I came back at Sid's, his door was closed. I couldn't open it by any means. Did he get mad at me or what??
Answer: No, he is not angry at all. This is just another bug in the game. The solution is very easy.
Simply download this file: http://stalker.filefront.com/file/Sidor ... cked;79924 and copy the downloaded file to the game files on your drive. The effect is going to be that Sid's bunker is going to be open 24/7.

Question: Everytime, I want to kill a group of ennemies with a grenade from a grenade launcher, the first one does not explode. Why?
Answer: Ths is is but another bug in this game. It has been repaired by te newest 1.0004 patch, which could be downloaded from here: http://www.cdprojekt.cz/download.asp?ac ... ad&fid=394 .

Question: I was just wandering in the radioactive areas, but I started to limp. I let the radioactivity out of my body, but I am still limping. What happened??
Answer: This problem is caused by a huge level of radiation in yout body. The only posibility to solve this is to load an elder game. If you do not have any elder saved games, you will probably have to start over again, and be more careful.

Question: During the game I took awesome pictures and screenshots with F12. Where are they saved?
Answer: Well, any screenshot taken by F12 is saved in "shared documents/STALKER-SHOC/screenshots".

Question: I wanted to back-up my saved postions, but I am not able to find them? Where are they??
Answer: They are in the same one as the latter, except not in "screenshots" but in "savedgames".

Question: I finally got the sniper rifle stuck in between my claws. I was shooting at those crows, but after I spared all my munition on them, I still did not kill them. Why??
Answer: It does not work except with a modification, which is downloadable here: http://www.edisk.cz/stahnout-soubor/778 ... 9.9KB.html .

Question: I have Stalker:SoC version 1.000, but the gametime is running damn fast, what is wrong?? I usually starve to death.
Answer: In the very first version, there is a possibility to make the time run faster. You can turn it on by "*" and turn it off by "/".

Question: Duty Leader, General Voronin gave a quest to get rid of a bandit called Poker. But, I travelled trough the whole Zone, I sought every corner of the Zone and still did not find it. What is wrong??
Answer: This is one of the most debated topics on our forum. This bandit really exists but you need 1.0004 patch to find him. Only afterwards you can find him in the Agroprom Research Instute catacombs.

Question: I cannot find the family rifle. I was on the place, where it should be according to the map, but there is no sign of a rifle over there. Where it is? Did someone else take it??
Answer: The rifle, Stalker Hunter wants you to bring him is actually on that place. If you get there and look carefully the nearest space, you will find a shot down helicopter, and few steps from it, there is an entrance to a tunnel. In the tunnel, there are few electrical anomalies, but there is no problem to get past them using the containers. The rilfe is at the end of the tunnel in a container. In this tunnel, there is also Gordon Freeman's corpse and two most powerful handguns in the game.

Question: I have finished the game, but I still did not find Strelok. What is the matter with this guy??
Answer: Because this would be a spoiler to the whole story read on your own danger: http://stalker.scorpions.cz/forum/viewt ... c&start=90

Question: The trader wants me to get him a pseudodog's tail. What the heck is that and where can I find it?
Answer: A pseudodog's tail is a quite precious item. Some of tohse animals could be found in the Bar location also accompaigned by the some "regular" blind dogs. One of the pseudodogs is also in the tunnel in Cordon. Sometimes, the tail is not as visible as it should be in the creature's inventory so be careful and do not miss it.

Question: My flashlight does not work and I am afraid of dark. What am I supposed to do??
Answer: There are two possibilities to solve this problem. One of them is to open the game console with ";" (the button under escape) and type "r1_dlights on" in. The other possibility is to type this into the "user.ltx" file which you can find in "shared documents/STALKER SHOC". *.ltx files can simply be opened with the notepad.

Question: I have negative reputation. How can I make it positive?? Is there any way??
Answer: Your reputation changes trough the whole storyline. It is affected not only by the main quests, but by the sidequests as well. Sometimes, there is a bug, that makes the reputation is growing twice as much until it fall deep into the negative side. Than you have some possibilities to correct it. One of them is to download those modified scripts: http://www.edisk.cz/stahnout-soubor/965 ... .38KB.html . However, those scrpits only work if you are using mopdifications. You copy this file into the "gamedata/scripts/".

Question: At Borov's inventory I found bread that is not edible. What can I do with it??
Answer: Simply sell it to the trader, he is going to give way more money for it, than he would for the edible one.

Question: I heard, there is a guitar and a radio to be found. Where can I find it?? Can I play the guitar??
Answer: Yes, you can find those two items in the game. Just go to the Dark Valley, past the big koplex near the farm and there is a metal construction. Climb up to the top and there is the guitar and the radio. But, be careful there is a whole bunch of anomalies around the construction and high radioactivity level. Adding to the guitar and the radio, there is also a precious artefact, so fetch it. Both guitar and radio are mostly useless. They have been forgotten there from the previous versions of the game.

Question: In the Bar location, there is one place, where the guard does not want to let me trough. Why?? How can I get there??
Answer: First of all, you have to collect the documents from a Stalker called Ghost. You can find him dead in the Yantar Lab. Give them to the Barman and you are free to go trough the outpost.

Question: I want to join a faction. Is it possible?
Answer: Yes, you canm but only Duty faction (after giving General Voronin the revolving grenade launcher), however yo still need to modify slightly the scripts. You can download them from here: http://www.edisk.cz/stahnout-soubor/535 ... .07KB.html . You cannot join the army, Freedom, Monolith or Mercenaries.

Question: How many controllers are there in the game??
Answer: Well there is different inforamtion about this question, but the most we have found is four. There is one in Agroprom Research Institute catacombs, there is one in the village at Army Warehouses, the third one is in Yantar Lab at Ghost's body and the fourth one is also in Yantar in the PSI emmisions contaminated area.

Question: Why the guy in Arena does not want to let me in to fight?
Answer: In that case, you do not have enough experience to get there. You can find your experience rating in your PDA or in during a trade with an NPC.

Question: How am I supposed to get out of X-16 Yantar Lab? I got the information from Ghost, I took his stuff and killed the controller. When I am going back where I came from, there is just a broken ladder and ne escape. How can I get out??
Answer: Well, the escape is not the ladder, but the hole in the room with Ghost's body. It is in the right hand corner on the far end of the room against the doorway.

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